Good fortune in scrapes of plastic

Venturing in junk shop business is not as easy as it seems. This business requires expertise in various skills for it to be successful. This is what Mirasol Ramiso, a resident of Trece Martires, Cavite, always shares to the people who want to try this kind of business.

Sewing billboards vinyl was Mirasol’s job before she was persuaded by an Account Officer of CARD SME Bank and upon joining, she enjoyed the benefits of being a CARD member. The money she availed on her first loan helped her make her business stable.

“CARD didn’t judge me for who I am or what my background is. It helped me grow my business,” Mirasol said.

But because of new technologies developing, like LED monitors, that are now in demand in some establishments, her billboard-making business had to stop. She then ventured into another business – the junk shop business. CARD SME Bank continued to be her partner as it lends her capital to make her business become more stable.

Mirasol didn’t know how to run this kind of business and how it will work, but her husband was eager to continue venturing into this business. Until one day, a friend of her husband taught them the systems and strategies they needed to run the business.

Unfortunately, after several months working with his husband’s friend, they discovered that he was stealing money from them. All trust is lost in the man they once believed in.

“Maybe it’s his conscience that triggered him to stop stealing money. One day, he just disappeared,” Mirasol said.

Mirasol and her husband continued managing the business despite this major set-back. Instead of giving up, they expanded their business to tent making with the support of CARD SME Bank.

She now has seven workers and was able to buy vehicles needed in the junk shop and sewing machines for tent-making. Mirasol encouraged her workers to also join CARD SME Bank as she believes that they are secured in the hands of the bank that continues to believe in her.

“I am thankful to CARD SME Bank for trusting me and making my small business grow. I will not break that trust, and I will share to others how CARD SME Bank helped me expand my business,” she ended.

Mirasol Ramiso, being hands on in her junkshop business and now, her venture, tent sewing.