SME Loans

Express Working Capital Loan

A loan which is specifically designed for your businesses that from time to time, requires financing to bridge gaps in your cash flow. This type of  loan can be used to: fund day to day operations, replenish stocks or inventory or any other short-term requirements.

Depending on your  needs, Express Working Capital can be  a term loan with fixed  terms of three months to three years and loanable amounts from PhP30,000.00 to PhP5 million. Mode of payment is monthly. It can also be a revolving credit line (or stand by credit) which has a validity of one year with loanable amounts from PhP200,000.00 to PhP 2 million. Maximum term for each credit line availment is 180 days wherein principal is payable upon maturity.

Loan Term
Loanable Amount P30,000 to 5,000,000.00
Term 3 months to 3 years
Mode of Payment Monthly
Interest Rate Prevailing Interest Rate
Collateral Real Estate, Transportation  equipment
Revolving Credit Line
Loanable Amount P200,000 to 2,000,000
Validity Period One (1) year; Renewable annually
Availment/PN Term Minimum of 90 days and Maximum of 180 days
Mode of Payment Interest  – discounted in advance for 3 months Principal – payable upon maturity
Interest Rate Prevailing Interest Rate
Collateral Real Estate, Transportation Equipment, Assignment of Purchase Orders/ Contracts/Receivables
Express Investment Loan

A short to medium term loan to assist you in your planned expansion by financing purchase of land for business use, equipment or delivery vehicles, construction of a new warehouse, office building or manufacturing plant or even renovation of existing ones. You can avail of up to PhP 5 million loan and choose among our flexible terms that will match your cash flow.

  1. Loanable amount will depend on the result of credit evaluation on the borrower.
  2. Prevailing interest rates on the date and time of approval shall apply.
Loanable Amount P 30,000 to 5,000,000
PN Term 3 months to 5 years
Grace Period Maximum of Six  (6) Months on Principal
Mode of Payment Monthly
Interest Rate Prevailing Interest Rate
Collateral Real Estate, Transportation  equipment
Express Working Capital Loan II

This is additional working capital loan offered to the clients to support their business needs. This will ensure that business enterprise of our clients will sustain its additional working capital for business continuity.


Bahay Katuparan Loan (Housing Loan)

As part of our commitment to alleviating poverty in the country, we have recently launched “Bahay Katuparan Loan”, a housing loan facility for our members and non-members alike, to make it easier for them to buy their dream home. With high appraisal value and low equity payment requirement coupled with flexible terms and interest rates, their dream of having their own home becomes a reality. Simply put, “Bahay Katuparan”

Drive Ur Wheels (Car Loan)

A car loan offered to individuals and business entities who would want to purchase a brand new or second hand car for either private or public use.

AgriBusiness Loan

Financing producers in rural sector to support expansion plans.