Serving with a Kind Heart

Posted on October 11, 2023

Written By: Edrian Banania

Narciso Policarpio, 67, CARD RBI client and entrepreneur from Binangonan, Rizal, considered kindness as vital in creating and retaining success.

Narciso Policarpio, owner of a funeral home in Barangay Libon-Libon, Binangonan, Rizal, is closely acquainted with life’s most somber moments. To him, funerals are more than the acknowledgment of death; it is a celebration of life and an occasion to comfort the bereaved. With this belief, he takes his business seriously with deep empathy.

Before venturing into the funeral industry, Narciso experienced a different professional life. A BS Military graduate, he followed his father’s footsteps as a skilled mechanic, working for a well-known automaker company for years to provide for their families. But when his paycheck could not meet the growing needs of his family, Narciso initially aimed to work abroad. Fate, however, had other plans.

The Policarpio family ran a “bangka” or boat rental in Rizal, which they continually managed. Later, using his back pay, he and his wife ventured into pig and duck farming, eventually supplying live pigs to the market and taking care of 1,000 ducks which produced a thousand eggs daily. Yet, challenges like the African Swine Fever and rising market rivalry drove him to change his course, this time to funeral services.

Policarpio Funeral Service was born out of his courage and determination. Using his savings and even pawning his car, Narciso established a 24/7 funeral service that offers affordable funeral packages. Prices start at PHP 15,000, covering everything from caskets and embalming to floral arrangements.

But it’s not just affordability that sets Policarpio Funeral Service apart. It is their genuine compassion for their clients. “If a client cannot afford our packages, we work with what they can provide,” Narciso shared. Such dedication solidified their reputation as a funeral service that truly cares for the community.

As their business continued to grow, Narciso had the saddest tragedy of his life: his loving wife died of a heart attack. With all his remaining courage, he provided his wife with the best burial service he could ever give to honor her memories. “She remains my greatest inspiration and partner in every success,” Narciso shared.

Now, he prepared and shared everything with his son to continue the family business. From managing his workers to creating a casket, embalming, overseeing market outreach, and forming relationships with other people. He ensured that his son grasped that Policarpio Funeral Service is “Maka-Tao and Maka-Masa”.

Moreover, with assistance from CARD MRI Rizal Bank, Inc. (CARD RBI), which offers them loans which reach up to PHP150,000, the business continues to flourish despite the changing times. In fact, CARD RBI clients are offered exclusive discounts at Policarpio Funeral Service.

Narciso now employs seven people, who are assigned based on their abilities and competence. They continue to serve their clients and customers with a heart full of kindness. “Serving with a kind heart made us different from other funeral service providers. This will also be our key to be known more, assisting more people by delivering affordable yet high-quality funeral services,” he said.

With future plans of expanding market reach and enhancing service quality, Narciso’s journey from boats to funerals proves that success lies where passion meets compassion.