Microfinance & SME service

CARD MRI grows with its clients. With landless women as target clients in mind, CARD MRI first offered microloans for small-scale livelihood activities, education, health and agriculture through CARD, Inc. After several years of training and educating these women on how to manage their loans, they evolve into businesswomen who are now in need of formal banking system. Thus, CARD MRI assisted this need through microfinance-oriented rural banks CARD Bank, Inc., and CARD MRI Rizal Bank, Inc. As we further respond to the growing needs of our clients, we also established a bank for MSMEs called the CARD SME Bank, Inc.

Microfinance Plus

CARD MRI takes a step forward in providing a holistic approach to the needs of its clients. It provides the trainings and other educational needs through CMDI, microinsurance through CARD MBA, non-life insurance through CaMIA, product marketing services through CARD-BDSFI, pharmaceutical needs through BotiCARD Inc., information technology needs through CMIT, and leasing as business support through CLFC.

Community Development Services

The Community Development Group collaborates with the different CARD institutions to improve access of members to social service in order to contribute to their general well-being. It communicates to the communities that there are better opportunities waiting for them to take ownership of. Through the group, CARD MRI provides services in health, education, resource mobilization, and communication.