Through the Microfinance and Health Protection Program (MaHP), CARD MRI contributes to the communities by providing access to health services. We bring medical practitioners closer to the economically-challenged so that they can avail quality services for free or at a reasonably low price.

MaHP also works in close coordination with BotiCARD, Inc. CARD MRI’s Generic Pharmacy, to provide our members with affordable and quality medicines.

To replicate the success of the health programs of CARD MRI, the “MFIs for Health” was formed in 2013 to engage MFIs in the country and deliver health services to more MFI clients. Through “MFIs for Health”, Community Health Days are continuously held all over the country by CARD MRI and other MFIs gather various microfinance members and their dependents together for free medical and dental services.


CARD MRI adheres to the belief that through education, change can be achieved. This is why we provide educational assistance and scholarships to our members, their children, and deserving students from indigent and poorest communities.

CARD MRI also partners with schools and universities to facilitate scholarships for qualified and deserving students.
The CARD Scholarship Program or CSP is one of the programs of CARD serving its members through educational support for their children, whom mostly, have difficulties in sending their children to school.

The program was launched in May 2000. For more than a decade, CSP continues to ensure constant improvement on the lives of the student’s family. Every academic year, CARD MRI recognizes its scholars who finish their tertiary education with flying colors. With their hard work and perseverance, they graduated with outstanding performance in their different fields of study.
CARD scholar graduates are invited to be employed with CARD to continuously provide assistance to their family by providing employment and to enhance deeper sense of service and commitment from the graduates.


To honor San Pablo and its children, a program called “Hijos de San Pablo” was initiated by CARD MRI. It is a tour that showcases the different history, people, places of interest, and local delicacies of San Pablo.
With microfinance also embedded in the tour, Hijos de San Pablo also serves as a venue to show CARD MRI’s contribution to the lives of its members and to the development of the city.

Development Services for the Hardcore Poor

In 2013, CARD MRI decided to look back to the very purpose of its existence. Through CARD, Inc., the most rural communities are being re-visited through the Development Services for the Hardcore Poor. The program allows poor women to be trained on financial literacy, who are then provided the access to financial services to start livelihood activities.

Disaster Response Efforts

CARD MRI reaches out to those in need as soon as calamities strike. Beyond any obstacle that we may face, our heart to serve our members, their families, and the communities are never unfaltering. From our head office to our field staff, we work hand-in-hand to give assurance to our fellowmen who may be experiencing the lowest times of their lives by providing relief goods, stress debriefing, health missions, and immediate claims payment.